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How to recharge pubg with Alipay?

Author:Uglyhamsters Release time:2023-08-16 16:46
  Where can I recharge pubg?Due to the special version of the international server,it is not possible to use domestic WeChat,Alipay, recharge directly,but players can recharge through some recharge platforms.If you want to know how to use Alipay to recharge,let’s take a look at the strategy below.
  PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds International Server Alipay Recharge Tutorial
  Since there is no WeChat and Alipay direct recharge entrance in the international server version,players who experience the international server need to use a third-party platform to recharge.The specific method is as follows.
  Recharge method
  1.Open the uglyhamsters website,the pubg recharge entrance:;
  2.Determine the specific denomination that needs to be recharged,and click Pay Now.After clicking Pay Now,the registration and real name page will pop up,just complete as required;
  3.Back to the page,players can use WeChat and Alipay to recharge.After completing the recharge process,players need to provide the corresponding game account.
  4.You must read the recharge rules carefully,and choose to pay after confirming that they are correct.If you have any questions,please contact customer service as soon as possible.
  5.If you do not receive the account for a long time when recharging PUBG,you can solve it through customer service.If you fail to recharge,you can also contact customer service.

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