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PUBG Mobile top up

PUBG Mobile Top Up

How do I Top Up PUBG MOBILE? Top Up PUBG MOBILE UC to find LiveAndGame, support mainstream payment methods, and ship within seconds of payment.

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  • Publisher:Tencent Mobile International Limited
  • Expiration Date:No Expiration Date
  • Type:Direct Top Up

What is PUBG Mobile?

Jedi Survival: Exciting Battlefield "is a self-developed combat special training mobile game by Tencent's Photon Studio Group, which began testing on February 9, 2018.

As a legitimate mobile game for Jedi Survival, "Jedi Survival: Exciting Battlefield" restores most of the big maps, modeling, and game scenes of the game, as well as the classic style of the game.

How to recharge PUBG Mobile UC?

1. Open LiveAndGame;

2. Log in to your LiveAndGame account. If you don’t have one, please register first;

3. Call the PUBG Mobile UC recharge product page;

4. Select the PUBG Mobile UC denomination;

5. Enter your PUBG Mobile ID.

6. Review and select your payment method.

7. After payment, PUBG Mobile UC will be quickly recharged to your PUBG Mobile account.

How to Find PUBG Mobile ID?

1.Use your account to login PUBG Mobile APP.

2.Click your PUBG Mobile profile on the top-left corner.

3.Click "View or Edit your Profile".

4.Your PUBG Mobile ID will be shown below your PUBG Mobile profile name.

What payment methods are supported?

1.Support for Debit Card、Credit Card、Paypal

2.Support multi-country and multi-currency

How to receive goods?

1.Automatic top-up is performed according to the account information you fill in.

2.Please log in your account or APP and go to the Personal center to check the recharge status.

Top-up instructions:

1.What should I do if I fill in the wrong account? Can I get a refund?

If we have completed the recharge according to the information you have filled in, it will not be returned. If the recharge error is caused by our platform, it can be returned after verification.

2.How long will it take for the payment to arrive?

Under normal circumstances, it will arrive in 1-2 minutes. If the account does not arrive for more than 5 minutes, please contact customer service in time.

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