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What is Nimo TV? How to top up Nimo diamonds?

Author:Uglyhamsters Release time:2024-01-16 16:33

  The LiveAndGame platform has launched a new product called"Nimo TV",which is classified into the live video category.Many curious friends came to ask,what is"Nimo TV"?What are Nimo diamonds?How to top up Nimo?Here are some answers to your questions related to"Nimo TV".

  What is"Nimo TV"?


What is Nimo TV?

  "Nimo TV"is an overseas game live broadcast platform 100%owned by Huya Live.In 2018,Huya started the process of going overseas and promoted"Nimo TV"to enter the Southeast Asian market in May.So in fact,"Nimo TV"has existed overseas for many years,and it must have become somewhat famous in the overseas game live broadcast circles.

  What are Nimo diamonds?

  Diamonds are the virtual currency in the"Nimo TV"platform.The recharged diamonds can be consumed in"Nimo TV",exchanged for gold coins or gold beans,purchased props and rewarded to the anchors,etc.The exchange ratio between Nimo diamonds and gold coins is 1:10,that is,1 Nimo diamond can be exchanged for 10 gold coins,and the exchange ratio with gold beans is 1:100,that is,1 Nimo diamond can be exchanged for 100 gold beans,so Nimo diamonds and The exchange ratio of gold coins and gold beans is:1 Nimo diamond=10 gold coins=100 gold beans.

  How to recharge Nimo diamonds?

  The LiveAndGame platform has cooperated with"Nimo TV"to launch the Nimo recharge service.You can recharge Nimo diamonds on LiveAndGame without any need to bypass the wall or other operations.It is an original trial-free and fast payment channel.It will be shipped immediately after the payment is successful.Let's talk about it below.specific process:

  1.Open the Nimo recharge link:;


  3.Select the face value and quantity of Nimo diamonds to be recharged and click the Buy Now button;

How to top up Nimo diamonds?

  4.Fill in the correct Nimo ID(Nimo ID query method:log in to Nimo TV-[My]page in the upper right corner,ID under nickname);

  5.Select a payment method and submit the order to complete payment;

  6.After the payment is successful,LiveAndGame will automatically recharge based on the account information you filled in.

  The above steps are the entire process of recharging Nimo diamonds on the LiveAndGame platform.If you have any questions,please immediately consult the website’s online customer service or help.

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