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What is likee? How to recharge likee diamonds?

Author:Uglyhamsters Release time:2023-10-26 15:32

  What is likee?Likee,formerly known as LIKE short video,is a short video platform developed by Bigo and launched in July 2017 that integrates creation,editing and sharing.Currently,Likee has 150 million monthly active users on the mobile terminal.

  How to recharge likee?The liveandgame platform has launched the likee diamond recharge service.Now you can directly recharge the likee diamonds on the liveandgame platform.The specific process is as follows:

  1.Open the liveandgame website and register an account;

  2.Open the likee diamond recharge product link:;

  3.Select the face value and quantity of diamonds to be recharged;

  4.Click the Buy Now button;

  5.Fill in the likee account number and select a payment method to complete the payment;

  6.After the payment is completed,liveandgame customer service will complete the diamond recharge for you based on the likee account you provided.

  Where is the cheapest way to recharge likee diamonds?Of course,it is cheaper to recharge likee diamonds on the liveandgame platform.After cooperating with likee,the price is advantageous,and you can enjoy the new person price when registering a new account on the liveandgame platform,which is even cheaper to recharge likee diamonds.

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