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Genshin Top-up

Genshin Top-up

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What is Genshin?

You will take control of an unknown traveler who has just arrived in Teyvat with your twin. Not long after, you are both separated, stripped of your powers, and banished into a deep slumber by an unnamed god. The world when you first arrived is very different from now.

Thus begins your journey across Teyvat to seek answers from The Seven, the gods of each element. Get ready to face the unknown and the unpredicted of this wondrous world. Join forces with a huge range of characters and discover what mystery lies beneath Teyvat.

What is the Genshin Crystal?

Crystal is a virtual currency in the Genshin Impact game, which can be obtained through recharge. The recharge ratio of Genshin Impact's Crystal is 1:10, that is, 1 yuan can buy 10 Genshin Impact Crystals, and the Crystal can be purchased in equal proportions. Exchange the original stone, that is, 1 Crystal can be exchanged for 1 original stone, and the original stone can be used to draw cards in the game, etc.

How to recharge Genshin Top-up?

1. Open the Genshin Top-up product link;

2. Click "Buy Now";

3. Fill in the ID and select the denomination;

4. Select the payment method and complete the payment;

5. After the payment is successful, the system will automatically recharge for you.