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Free Fire Diamonds Top-up

Free Fire Diamonds Top-up

How to Top Up Free Fire Diamonds? Uglyhamsters recommends Direct Recharge Free Fire Diamonds on LiveAndGame, cheap and safe, 2-5 minute delivery, 24/7 live chat.

  • Expiration Date:No Expiration Date
  • Type:Game Recharge

What is Free Fire?

Free Fire is a desert island survival shooting game of the big escape and kill genre. Transport planes skimmed over the deserted island, and dozens of players parachuted freely, scattering around the island to survive! The electromagnetic crisis is gradually approaching, only by finding a way to survive! Drive the vehicle through the wilderness, explore survival opportunities on the map, ambush and snipe at the slightest risk! There is only one goal: to live! Be the last survivor!

How to recharge Free Fire Diamonds?

1. Open the Free Fire Diamonds Top-up product link;

2. Click "Buy Now";

3. Fill in the ID and select the denomination;

4. Select the payment method and complete the payment;

5. After the payment is successful, the system will automatically recharge for you.

How to Find Free Fire ID?

1. Use your account to login Free Fire APP.

2. Click your Free Fire profile on the top-left corner.

3. Click "View or Edit your Profile".

4. Your Free Fire ID will be shown below your Free Fire profile name.