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How much is 1 diamond in bigo?

Author:Uglyhamsters Release time:2023-11-16 10:33

  If you want to know how much a bigo diamond costs,let’s first find out how much the diamond prices of different face values​​are on the bigo official website,and then we’ll calculate how much a diamond costs.

  According to the bigo official website,41 diamonds are US$0.99,275 diamonds are US$6.99,789 diamonds are US$19.99,2380 diamonds are US$59.99,and 5197 diamonds are US$99.99.Calculated separately,the total face value of 41 diamonds is The total face value of 275 diamonds is US$0.025 each,the total face value of 789 diamonds is US$0.025 each,the total face value of 2380 diamonds is US$0.025 each,and the total face value of 5197 diamonds is US$0.019 each.

  From this point of view,the price of a diamond on the bigo official website changes according to the different recharge denominations.Large recharge denominations are relatively more suitable.Let’s take a look at the prices of the bigo diamond third-party recharge platform.Let’s take the LiveAndGame platform as an example:

  The cost of recharging 500 diamonds on the LiveAndGame platform is 9.87 US dollars,the recharge of 1,000 diamonds is 19.74 US dollars,the recharge of 3,000 diamonds is 59.23 US dollars,the recharge of 6,000 diamonds is 118.47 US dollars,the recharge of 10,000 diamonds is 197.45 US dollars,and the recharge of 30,000 diamonds is 592.36 US dollars.Calculated separately,the total face value of 500 diamonds is US$0.020 each,the total face value of 1,000 diamonds is US$0.020 each,the total face value of 3,000 diamonds is US$0.020 each,the total face value of 6,000 diamonds is US$0.020 each,and the total face value of 10,000 diamonds is US$0.020 each.It is US$0.020 each,and the total face value of 30,000 diamonds is US$0.020 each.

  It can be seen that the price given by the LiveAndGame platform is that a bigo diamond is 0.02 US dollars,and the face value change ratio remains unchanged.It is more suitable to recharge diamonds than the bigo official website.LiveAndGame also cooperates with the bigo official website.Because of the channel advantage,the price It has the advantage of being a small profit but quick turnover.Therefore,when you recharge bigo diamonds,you can choose to use the LiveAndGame platform to recharge.It also supports a variety of payment methods.They all use the direct recharge channel on the bigo official website.There is no need to worry about the delivery speed,and it is safer.

  How to recharge bigo diamonds on LiveAndGame platform?

  1.Open LiveAndGame;

  2.Log in to your LiveAndGame account.If you don’t have one,please register first;

  3.Call the Bigo Live Diamonds recharge product page;

  4.Select the Bigo Live Diamond denomination;

  5.Enter your Bigo Live ID.

  6.Review and select your payment method.

  7.After payment,Bigo Live Diamonds will be quickly recharged to your Bigo Live account.

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